Sundry Items

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Access Control

To avoid the problems that can be experienced we offer as part of our services an installation option of access control to doors supplied and installed by ourselves. This service includes magnetic, electric lock and electric strike connection to a single or 2, 3 or 4 door interlock system, incorporating full LED indication, desk console units, push button exit, digital entry, card entry and biometric access options.

We can also include power operation for our doors incorporated into our access control systems.

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Pedestal Units

We offer range of pedestal units to complement counter installations. Manufactured to clients requirements, generally incorporating a top drawer with removable cash can. Additional drawers and open storage areas can also be incorporated to requirements. Our pedestal units can also include a deposit storage area, as shown, where items can be deposited into a secure area with either a time delay, separate key or timed access option.


Cash Cans

We offer a range of removable cash cans and inserts for cash drawer:
DWP/CC1: 377 × 325 × 95mm
DWP/CC2: 410 × 195 × 103mm
DWP/CC3: 418 × 312 × 103mm
DWP/CC4: 417 × 372 × 103mm

Inserts can either be ordered to suit or complete with note and coin holders as shown.


Speak Through Units

These units are designed for use where safe communication, hygiene and security are required.

They are designed to allow sterile communication with a high degree of vision and safety. there is no through air flow, therefore no germs, draughts or dust.

Speech is transmitted through a transparent diaphragm which also provides protection against noxious sprays. The units are fitted with a polycarbonate guard which has high impact resistance thereby offering a considerable degree of physical security.

Sizes available:
Small DWP/M1001: 244mm diameter to suit 229mm hole
Large DWP/M1002: 318mm diameter to suit 292mm hole